An open letter to the neighborhoods of eastern Chula Vista:


Just Say No…on “A” hears you!  

All in Chula Vista have seen your communities ignored by the City of Chula Vista for far too long.  When eastern CV was being planned years ago, we along with you, heard promises that growth would pay for city services that you are entitled to.  

Sadly, we watched city politicians and officials ignore their duty to provide these services, especially police.    Historically, the City and two former police chiefs rejected establishing police substations in eastern Chula Vista.  Now, they lament police officers inability to meet city thresholds on response times!  All the while, headquarters remain in northwestern Chula Vista.  Common sense would dictate a decentralized police force ensuring timely service throughout the city.

 So Just Say No and all of Chula Vista, ask the city what has happened to the funding from growth promised to adequately staff eastern Chula Vista?  

Budget reports state since 2007, over $70 million was spent on public safety overtime.  We find no viable reason why small portions of that money wasn't redirected to provide gradual increases in police staffing.  We believe the current "staffing shortage in police" is still avoidable if the political leaders spend money wisely and correctly on behalf of eastern Chula Vista.  The city has had plenty of money.  More taxpayer money is not going to solve the problem!  

Just Say No...on "A" supports you!  We may be outspent by Mayor Salas and special interest contributions of $60,000, but our grassroots committee of Chula Vistans have done the following:

-Discussed City wide public safety service, infrastructure and budget issues on Nextdoor
-Published letters to the Editor in Star News-Chula Vista
-The subject of the Star News article, Anti-Tax Group Short On Time by Robert Moreno.
-KUSI Television interviewed Russ Hall, Chair of Just Say No

Recently, our outreach resulted in the 4/28/2018 Union Tribune article, Chula Vista Faces Growing Deficits Because Of Rising Pension Costs by Gustavo Solis. 

There is so much to be done to keep the city politicans and officials feet to the fire.  

Please join us get the word out of the truth of city spending and its impacts on communities and taxpayers.  Invite friends and neighbors to our Facebook page Email us at justsaynocv@gmail.com, find us on Twitter @justsaynoonA and our website: www.justsaynoona.com.

Thank you communities of eastern Chula Vista.  You are not alone!