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Anti-Tax Group Short On Time

By Robert Moreno

March 29, 2018

The founder of a newly formed community group in Chula Vista says he has had enough.
Enough of Chula Vista’s irresponsible spending and enough of the city taxing its residents as a financial solution to its budget woes.

Just Say No … On A, opposes Measure A, a proposed half-cent sales tax increase Chula Vista voters will accept or decline in June.

City officials have estimated that Measure A will generate about $17 million annually in the city’s general fund to hire more police and firefighters and civilian employees in those departments....

Letters to The Editor

No Sales Tax Without Fixing Salaries..

Theresa Acerro, Chula Vista Resident

February 15, 2018

I personally will not vote for a sales tax increase until the council reverses any commercial/industrial zoning to residential changes they can and puts a charter amendment on the ballot forbidding councils from doing this in the future. We are so low in sales tax revenue because councils have made us a bedroom community. We need vibrant industrial and commercial centers to provide jobs and income to the city. We have one of lowest sales tax incomes in the county...

Follow The Money to Chula Vista

Russ Hall, Chula Vista Resident

Chair, Just Say No On A

April 19, 2018

Friends, is Chula Vista for sale? Well here we go again.

Stunning news from contribution reports filed with city clerk: YES ON A,.Mayor Mary Salas Chairperson.

Records show that over $48,000 of the $76,000 that they have raised, comes from out of town big money contributors and developers! Yikes. Clearly, Mayor Salas has decided to call in the special interest heavy hitters that will bankroll the “yes on A” media propaganda blitz that is about to hit your mailbox. Take a look for yourself at this dubious wall of shame:....

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