Carl De Maio 2018 Election Guide

Measure A – Chula Vista Sales Tax Increase   


The politicians and big government union bosses in Chula Vista have mismanaged city finances and now they want YOU to bail them out with a massive  tax hike.  This deceptive sales tax hike misleads the voters into thinking  the funds are earmarked for public safety and roads when the cold hard reality  is the tax hike is a blank check and politicians can waste the money any way they want.  Vote NO and demand that Chula Vista politicians reform their wasteful spending instead of increasing the cost-of-living on Chula Vista  families. 

San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTA)

Most recently, the Association opposed a sales tax increase for the City of Chula Vista as well as AB 623, the State’s first ever tax on drinking water.  

Measure A - Chula Vista Sales Tax:  SDCTA OPPOSES Measure A, a half-cent sales tax on the June 2018 ballot.  This general sales tax measure does not include sufficient taxpayer protections.  The City is not legally required to spend tax revenues on its Phase I critical public safety needs and the tax will remain in place indefinitely.  While revenues from Measure P in 2016 were bonded to help ensure spending on their intended purpose over the long-term, Measure A revenues do not have the same mechanisms for protection.  The Citizens’ Oversight Committee can be disbanded after the Phase I critical needs are met and replaced with another community group, thus diminishing the benefits of independent oversight.  Should the City continue to find itself without the resources necessary to fund its public safety departments, SDCTA encourages Chula Vista to consider another method of funding that might have more taxpayer protections and a more balanced effect on the economy.

 To read full SDCTA analysis of Measure A, click on link to the right.