Money in Favor Of Measure A

Is Chula Vista for sale?

Friends, is Chula Vista for  sale?

Taken from contribution  reports filed with city clerk: by YES ON A, Mary Salas, Chairperson

Records show that over $48,000 of  the $76,000 raised, comes from out of town big money contributors and developers!  

HomeFed of Carlsbad:   $20,000

Baldwin Co. of Irvine      $10,000

Merridian Communities    $5,000

Chestnut  Properties        $1,000

Sycuan                          $10,000

Hami  Mani                      $2,500

Fire Dept Union             $20,000

Mobile home owners       $7,500

These huge sums of money are  not given without HUGE expectations in return.

All the while, 14% (census  records) of the City population or 33,000 and 19,000 in fixed incomes will pay the most in regressive sales taxes! 

Just Say No On A and Vote No On A Chula Vista