from Russ Hall, Chair, Just Say No Chula Vista

Well, here they go again.

Your Mayor and City Council want you to pay even higher taxes!  Once again, they (the City) are unwilling and unable to effectively manage  taxpayers money. 

Its time to JUST SAY NO. 

I have organized this community based grassroots effort to defeat the sales tax initiative, Measure A, that will appear on your June 2018 ballot. 

City Hall is a tax and spend swamp.

The city claims they do not have enough money to effectively staff police and fire departments. Yet, Mayor Salas and council increased the salary of the City Manager, to over $360,000 per year plus benefits. Full time Mayor Salas is the fifth highest paid Mayor in the state!  The part time City Council collects salaries well over $70,000 per year plus benefits and a lifetime Cal PERS retirement. Yet, they claim they don’t have money to pay for police and fire.

Misguided spending and shifting priorities have plagued past Mayor and City Councils. Yet Mayor Salas and the City Council have not conducted a truthful, thorough investigation and analysis of service delivery regarding police and fire departments. 

The City Manager has already admitted revenues from Measure A will not make a dent in paying for the lucrative pensions and benefits  Police have enjoyed escalating salary increases of 27.5% through 2006-13.  Firefighters received over 26.5%.  These pay raises send pension costs skyrocketing, strain annual personnel costs and drain the general fund. They ignore out of control and ever escalating pension costs, although staff admitted in the Union Tribune on March 31, “that pensions will triple”. Their plan of a rapid escalation in hiring of police and fire  personnel will add tens of millions more in future pension obligation that will eat up sales tax.


Fire Department service delivery is not cost effective.

In fact, the city is overstaffed with firefighters and fire engines, while understaffed in paramedics and paramedic vehicles. Recently, the city hired on 15 new firefighters initiated by a federal grant. All the while, well over 90 % of 911 calls are  specifically for medical emergencies.  There is no reason to send multiple firefighters on expensive fire engines when specially trained paramedics with vehicles equipped for medical calls can respond faster. 

In short, long before this Mayor and City Council comes begging, they need to get their house in order. When we the  taxpayers can see that our money has been managed correctly, then we can  consider raising taxes. To date, the Mayor and Council have failed. Just say  NO!