Measure not a solution

Chula Vistans, You Are Not Alone

We respect and honor the jobs of Police and Firefighters.  As written, Measure A does not guarantee revenues for Public Safety staffing. Furthermore, deep structural and leadership issues continue to be ignored by the Mayor, City Council and city staff.  We know you, our fellow Chula Vistans, understand tax increases are not the solution.

False COC Guarantees

A  committee of citizens (COC) made of political appointees (meaning: friends and contributors) to oversee the money is NOT a guarantee.  As per State law and the Ordinance, " the City Council shall retain discretion to  expend the proceeds of the tax for any lawful purpose of the  City."

Low Income, Seniors And Veterans will suffer

Regressive sales taxes impact low income Chula Vistans the hardest. Poverty rate hovers around 14%  which is approximately  35,000 Chula Vistans and another 19,000 on SSI fixed incomes. They will end up paying the majority of the tax.

No Restrictions On Spending

 Measure A is written for revenue to be placed in the general fund as stated: Paragraph 3.33.150 of the proposed Ordinance it states that the “proceeds from the tax … shall be for unrestricted general revenue purposes.”  Nothing in this Ordinance shall constitute the tax imposed  under this Ordinance as a special tax, or bind the City to use the proceeds for  any specific purpose or function; the City Council shall retain discretion to  expend the proceeds of the tax for any lawful purpose of the  City.

Revenue Mismanagement --Salary And Pensions

Over $73 million was spent on public safety OVERTIME from 2007-present, without a cent towards adequate staffing.   Lifetime retirements can  exceed 100% of salary and benefits .  City staff has said that "pension costs will triple" (UT, March 31st). 

Out of Town Money Supporting Tax Increase

HomeFed of Carlsbad: $20,000

Baldwin Co. of Irvine   $10,000

Merridian Communities  $5,000

Chestnut  Properties      $1,000

Sycuan                       $10,000


Cash rich companies expect paybacks from the City for their contributions

May 20, 2018 Russ Hall KUSI interview

Measure A sales tax up for vote

 May 20, 2018    Ginger Jeffries 

May 10, 2018 San Diego Union Tribune

Group Against Chula Vista's Proposed Tax Increase Faces Uphill Battle

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Proposed Tax Measure Sparks Debate in Chula Vista

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May 8, 2018 KPBS Article

Chula Vista's Measure A Asks For A Sales Tax Bump to Fund Public  Safety

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Carl De Maio 2018 Election Guide

No on Measure A – Chula Vista Sales Tax Increase   

The politicians and big government union bosses in Chula Vista have mismanaged city finances and now they want YOU to bail them out with a massive  tax hike.  This deceptive sales tax hike misleads the voters into thinking  the funds are earmarked for public safety and roads when the cold hard reality  is the tax hike is a blank check and politicians can waste the money any way they want.  Vote NO and demand that Chula Vista politicians reform their wasteful spending instead of increasing the cost-of-living on Chula Vista  families. 

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Agave on H Street

Just Say No committee members spoke with many of the Channel 7 Morning Team

Marianne Kushi

Special thanks to Marianne Kushi, Jodi Kodesh, Nicole Gomez and Greg Bledsoe.

Intent and Impact of Measure A

4/29/2018 Letter To East Chula Vista


Just Say No…on “A” hears you!  

All in Chula Vista have seen your communities ignored by the City of Chula Vista for far too long.

4/28/2018 Union Tribune ARTICLE:  Chula Vista faces growing deficits because of rising pension costs

4/24/2018 San Diego County Tax Payers Association opposes Measure A  (Chula Vista) on June 2018 ballot...

4/14/2018 A message from Russ Hall


Well, here they go again. Your Mayor and City Council want you to pay even higher taxes!  Once again, they (the City) are unwilling and unable to effectively manage  taxpayers money. 

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Just Say No On A and Vote No On A