Memorandums of understanding/oVERTIME pAY/specialty pay

How MOU's effect Overtime and Specialty Pay


 Memorandums Of Understanding-(MOU)s

Public Safety Unions have negotiated generous MOU’s (Memorandum of Understanding) with City of Chula Vista Management so they are well compensated

• In addition to their salary, Public Safety Unions have guaranteed their members receive two other lucrative types of pay:

 – Overtime Pay

 – Specialty Pay

• Specialty Pay is paid as a monthly stipend and this income is included in salary when calculating employee pensions:

 – Bilingual Pay

 – Shift Differential 

– Laundry

Many Public Safety Employees receive full retirement at the age of 50 for the remainder of their lives.



Public Safety of the City of Chula Vista has received $70 million dollars in Overtime Pay from FY 2007-18.

Received approximately $23 million dollars (overtime) from (FY 2008-09 to FY 2011-12) while several departments took huge budget cuts and layoffs.

• Majority of Public Safety employees receive overtime pay including employees who are in "supervisory/management"positions. 

– Non-Public Safety Employees in positions classified as “Professional” or "Supervisory/management" positions are salaried employees and therefore do not receive overtime pay .

• City of Chula Vista Employees have received a total of $73,362,010 in Overtime Pay from FY 2007-08 to FY 2017-18. 

–Public Safety- $70,231,754 (96%) 

–Non-Public Safety- $3,130,256 (4%)

Overtime pay is a benefit City of Chula Vista Public Safety Employees (96%) receive almost exclusively, with the  exception of Public Works and Animal Care Facility employees


Specialty Pay is compensation paid to employees.  If City of Chula Vista employee is represented, this pay is negotiated by the Unions.

• Paid to employees that possess a specific job skill, certification, or perform a specialized duty that entitles the employee to additional compensation. 

– Paid monthly, in a stipend

Amount of monthly stipend is determined through Union negotiations with the City of Chula Vista Management and are included in MOU’s 

• Employee may be required to provide certification or pass an exam to prove they meet the necessary qualifications.

• Bargaining Units/Unions negotiate the types of specialty pay that will be offered and amount paid to the City of Chula Vista employees they represent.

• Certain types of specialty pay, such as, bilingual pay, are offered to employees in numerous Unions but amount paid could vary depending on MOU negotiated by their Bargaining Unit/Union.

(p.995, 98, 99) Written Communication Report to City of Chula Vista By Damon French 2/16/2018

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